If you are here to try and predict your future, this is not the site for you. Our mission to give you a different perspective on your reality. Astrology is a much better tool for self-reflection. If you can get one more perspective on why and how things are happening around you and your position within this, that would be the true nature of astrology.

Who we are? My name is Deniz and I am new to the astrological world and I was seeking a teacher. So it was by sheer luck that I married one 😊 My wife, Ella, is a second-generation astrologer. She has been a student of astrology since she was 12 years old. She has been a practitioner since 2014. She has a profound understanding of the language and attitudes to the needs of the clients she works with. She honed her skills of astrological interpretation with her mum, Jude Davies. A renowned astrologer with thousands of Astrological Chart readings, taught classes, and written newspaper articles. This is their combined website www.judedaviesastrology.com.au

To those doubters out there. I was in the same boat as you. Ella opened my heart up to new possibilities. I believe astrology is real for me because life is abstract. Even the money in your pocket only has value because of your projection of value to it. Otherwise it is nothing more than numbers on a screen. We could all decide it does not exist anymore. So, keep an open mind. You might just surprise and allow yourself to explore your metaphysical makeup.

This is Ella and I with Ella’s Grandmother.